Canoe Wars


Meant to extol the recreational virtues of the nation with dramatic art by Frank Schoonover, the 25-qindarka (brown) soon became known as the “Leaving Albania” stamp and was hastily recalled. But not before finding a place in a few privileged collections and spurring a competition known, in the 1930s and even today, as the “Canoe Wars.” The post office in Liberia responded to this issue with two canoe stamps…


…the first a pale green 2-cent issue with art by N.C. Wyeth, and the second…


… a 15-cent stamp with art by Frank Schoonover, who truly had a way with canoes. This would have been the last word if not for the post office in Iceland…


… which out-Schoonovered both nations with its side-by-side, 10-aur “Shooting the Rapids” stamps.


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