Cone Stamp

The U.S. 2-cent issue honoring Charles D. Scanlon, inventor of the traffic cone, who got the idea and created a prototype in 1940 while working for the Street Painting Department in Los Angeles. The U.S. patent for his invention was applied for in 1941 and granted in 1943.

(You might read on the Internet that the first traffic cone was invented in 1914, 1915 or 1918 by Charles P. Rudabaker/Rudebaker of New York City, and was originally made of concrete, a block of concrete, or a wooden pyramid. However, there is no U.S. patent at that time, under either name. Searches of a New York newspaper database of more than 25 million pages and of find no Charles Rudabaker/Rudebaker. A Google search finds 200+ mentions, but none before 2006, and none citing a source. Charles Rudabaker/Rudebaker appears to be fictional.)